Laos’s unique position at the centre of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) economic corridor offer investors an unsurpassed access to the 278million population of the GMS and 600million population of the ASEAN nations. To promote a healthy economy, Laos has put into place multiple economic policies to identify and expedite quality investments to drive a sustainable development and a diversified economy:
• The National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) 2011-15: targets at least 8% annual GDP growth, 60% of which will be from private investments:
- The NSEDP also focuses on the quality of growth, particularly on sustainable land and resource use, environmental management and increasing resource use efficiency
-Promotion of manufacturing, services, tourism and construction sectors

• Recently revised Decree on Investment Promotion 2011

Laos offers a secure and speedy investment climate for investors. Some of the key advantages of investing in Laos now are:
• Establishment of a “One Stop Investment Service Unit” whose objectives are:
- To fasten and facilitate investment procedures
- Creating a favorable business environment that is responsive to private sector needs
- Single point of contact brings together representatives from all key ministries to facilitate investment applications and business start-ups

Low risk and startup cost:
• Establishment of a “One Stop Investment Service Unit” whose objectives are:
- Political stability
- High safety
- Low risk from natural disasters
- Low labour cost

International Market Access
• Access to the 278million population of the Greater Mekong Subregion and 600million population of the ASEAN nations
• Unilateral Trade agreements with 39 countries including countries in EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, China and South Korea
• Bilateral investment treaties with more than 25 countries from Europe to Asia
• Easy access to the GMS corridors through flight, road and rail with additional infrastructure in development

Other incentives also include
• Exemption from import duties and taxes on raw materials and capital equipments using for production
• Exemption from export duty on export products
• Tax holidays offered up to 10 years
• Additional tax holidays, reduced tax rates for large projects with special concession are available upon negotiation
• Special treatment for healthcare and education service
• Foreigners can have access to local financial sources
• Foreign Invested Companies can own a piece of land for building their residences (Certain conditions to be applied)

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