Dongphosy Specific Economic Executive Board

Under the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 443 dated the 26th of October, 2010, each Specific Economic Zone is required to setup its own Governing Authority. In Vientiane Nelamit, the governing authority is known as Dongphosy Specific Economic Executive Board (DEEB).

The board members of DEEB consist of different government departments and the developer to ensure that all facets of the development are beneficial to all parties. The main roles and responsibilities of DEEB members are to enhance and improve the administration, economic and infrastructure development of DSEZ.

Additionally DEEB also comprises of representatives and officers of various other government departments and ministries to assist matters of administration, planning, land management, construction, environment, investment and other government related matters inside the Dongphosy Specific Economic Zone.

A Cohesive Public Private Partnership
This partnership between private and public entities creates a secure and beneficial environment to establish and operate its business. Investor’s incorporation process is simplified and the setup period is shortened significantly to promote business growth.

DEEB’s role also extends after the incorporation of the business as it is an inclusive entity with representatives of multiple different Ministries’s to assist in matters including Human Resource, Import Export, Taxations and Construction. The principle tasks of the DEEB include but are not limited to:
• The processing and approval of business licenses.
• The processing and approval of foreign labor visa applications.
• The processing and approval of importation of duty-free items into Vientiane Nelamit.
• The processing and issuance of land use rights titles/certificates.
• The processing, evaluation, and approval of building plans.
• Safeguarding the interests of investors and/or financial institutions in matters relating to building and land use rights within Vientiane Nelamit.
• Ensuring a safe and secure environment for businesses.
• The authority to levy annual maintenance fees for the maintenance of general security, cleanliness, street lighting, traffic flow, and so forth.
• The authority to levy appropriate fees, registration charges for land use rights certificates, administration fees and charges in order to execute its duties and services to investors and businesses in Vientiane Nelamit.
• The mandate to execute its duties efficiently and transparently.

DEEB as a business accelerant
The purpose of DEEB is to act as a one-stop service center, whereby service is quick, transparent, open and traceable. All approvals for business licensing are done within defined time and date, starting from receiving documents or proposals from investors, provide administration services until resolving, permitting and returning documents to investors.

• Quick screening and approval for business licenses and other applications;
• A one-stop authority, meaning that an investor does not need to go through complicated and long procedure in getting approvals
• Transparent
• Approachable and reachable
• Opened and flexible to investors

Chairman, DEEB
• Deputy Director General of a State Enterprise owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for 20 years
• Deputy Chief of Cabinet Northern Upland Development Programme for 4 years

DEEB, Board member
• Chief of Trade Promotion Division, Vientiane Capital’s Department of Industry and Commerce for 16 years
• Deputy Director of Forest No. 3 Company in Bolikhamxay Province for 5 years
• Deputy Director of Raw Material Department, Thangone Fodder Factory for 2 years

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